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Date: 09 Oct 2010

A well-deserved presentation of our members

Source: S.C.I. Vitosha

From September, 20th to 22nd republican championships of chess (women) and backgammon were organized by “Sports for the visually impaired” Federation.

SCI “Vitosha” was represented by fourteen participants: three women took part in the chess tournament; six preferred the backgammon and three more assistants to observe the backgammon competition.

The backgammon contest went off under the competently referee by our members Lyubomir Vasilev and Georgi Gergov. In the final team classification of the backgammon competition SCI “Vitosha” gained the third place.

At the chess competition, the Ladies won the third place in the team classification and individually Ilinka Dilkova ranked the first categorically.

On 21st at a special gala dinner the chairman of Union of The Blind in Bulgaria, Vasil Dolapchiev awarded the medalists.

The club was represented by the following members:

  • Chess (women): Aglika Danova, Dariya Gancheva and Ilinka Dilkova.
  • Backgammon: Georgi Chernev, Milena Yaneva, Pavel Velkov, Pavlin Mitev, Siyana Lyubenova and Teodor Stoyanov.
  • Backgammon referees: Georgi Gergov and Lyubomir Vasilev.
  • Companions: Rumyana Yaneva, Stefka Vasileva and Svetoslava Gergova.


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