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Date: 05 Aug 2011

United Through Sport 15-25 July 2011

Source: S.C.I. Vitosha

Between 15th and 25th July 2011 six SCI Vitosha members took part in an international Youth in Action exchange in Cluj-Napoca, Rumania. The project was hosted by the Rumanian Association Pontes. Besides the hosts and the Bulgarian group, other partners were Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and Hungary.

The aim of the project was the mutual inclusion of people with and without visual disabilities by means of sports and other activities which are accessible and interesting to both. So each country had to prepare and present activities which would inspire participants to find healthy and creative ways to spend their free time.

The Bulgarian group was lead by Nikola Bakalov. Participants were Galina Krasteva, Paulina Boyadzhieva, Anita Nakova and Miroslav Chemishanov. Mihail Iliev was the accompanying person.

Our group participated actively in the programme of the exchange and each one of us took his/her part so that we could perform well. We organized a goalball demonstration and everyone could also try out the game. The Bulgarian group also led a workshop on Erasmus and other opportunities for education within the EU. Consequently some participants from other countries showed interest and were given individual consults. We also presented the games “Ludo”, “Dama” and “Tic-tac-toe”.

Our group was also well integrated internationally. The Bulgarian presentation, which everyone took part to prepare contributed to this. The Bulgarian participants also established a lot of informal contacts.

Nikola Bakalov


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